Beware of an imposter posing as a First Financial Bank employee

February 13, 2024

First Financial Bank sent out an email to its customers asking they be aware of a financial scam where its customers are getting a criminal posing as a First Financial Bank employee sending out text messages.

The email follows:

We have recently learned of a criminal posing as an employee of First Financial Bank. This imposter is sending text messages that appear to be from the bank.

If a potential victim responds to the fraudulent text message, they will receive a call from the criminal that spoofs our Customer Care Center number of 855-660-5862. Then the criminal will tell the victim they are from the “customer support group” or from a “fraud investigator” from First Financial Bank.

Often, the criminal claims his name is Connor. He might even provide an employee number. When challenged, the criminal will tell the victim to look at the phone number on the back of their debit card as evidence that he is calling from the bank. The criminal is “spoofing” our number. Unfortunately, you cannot trust caller ID in these situations.

Once on the phone, the criminal will begin asking victims for sensitive information such as online banking user ID and password, Social Security Number, Driver’s License number, phone numbers, address, account numbers or debit card numbers. This is information that First Financial Bank already has and would not need to ask for. If you receive a suspicious call from a person claiming to be from First Financial, remember that we won’t ask for that information. It is acceptable to hang up and all us directly at 855-660-5862. If the person you spoke with is truly a First Financial employee, our Customer Support Team is happy to forward you to the person who called you originally.

Please contact us if you have any questions or believe you might have fallen victim to this imposter scam.


First Financial Bank